In the early 1990's I decided to learn more about the breeds that interested me and so I began attending various lectures held in conjunction with the Victorian Canine Association Judges Training Scheme. I had been invited on several occasions, to bring some of my dogs along to these Lectures for Trainee Judges to assess and I felt it was a good learning tool both for them and for myself.

I was encouraged to enter the Judges Training Scheme and apply for my Collie Judging Licence, which I did in 1993. After passing both a Written and Practical Judging test in 1995, I was granted my Collie (Rough) & (Smooth) Championship Show Licence and have been privileged since then to have judged the following Specialty Shows:

1998 - Collie Club of N.S.W.                       2000 - Collie (R & S) Soc. of W.A.
2003 - Collie R & S Club of Qld.                 2006 - Wikato & Dist. Collie Club - New Zealand

2009 - South Island Collie Club                  2011  - ACT & Dist. Collie & SS Club

2012  - Dansk Collie Klub - Denmark         2012 - Finnish Collie Club

In 1998 after being encouraged by some great mentors and a desire to know more about the other breeds I owned and admired, I entered the Judges Training Scheme for the balance of the Breeds in the Working Dog Group (Pastoral Breeds) here in Australia.

I am pleased to say that after 5 years of attending lectures and judging over 250 dogs at Open Show level, (a requirement of the Judges Training Scheme then) I sat another Written test and then a further Practical test to be granted my Working Dog Group (Pastoral Group) Championship Show License in 2003. Since then I have judged at Group Level in most States of Australia and was even invited to judge various Pastoral Breeds in Denmark in conjunction with my Specialty Breed Club appointment.

Contact Details

Janice Cook
Melton, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0417470988
Email : [email protected]